Be the change

Business Leaders at the Front Line

August 2012, Nepal Be the Change Academy

In August 2012, I accompanied the founder and four members of the Be the Change Academy on a trip to Nepal, documenting their visit to the mountain village of Ghyampesal (Himalaya region) in a film. The purpose of the trip was to find out about conditions in the village and provide sustainable support for the development and improvement of the entire infrastructure.

The primary aim of the "Be the Change" project is for internationally experienced business people and entrepreneurs to act as personal advisers and use their specific skills and expertise to develop and support such village communities, offering everything from clean water, electricity, communication and road construction to educational opportunities for young people, and economic and administrative autonomy for the community as a whole. The top priority in all these efforts is to treat the people and their culture respectfully.

Linda Cruse – Be the change