Dealing with journalists

There are both kinds: good journalists and bad journalists. But not all journalists who are critical of you are bad journalists. And not all favourably disposed journalists are good journalists. Understanding what drives media representatives is vital if you agree to work with them. How do they think? What do they need? How can I create a fair situation? How can I use an interview to promote my own brand? You can only optimally position your statements and public image if you interact and cooperate with journalists.
I am a journalist and I also help younger colleagues by offering them tips and advice. I like to explain how to win the interview game with knowledge and verbal skills.
In my media coaching sessions, I provide you with the information you need to be able to deal with journalists fairly, competently and professionally.

Dealing with journalists Conny Czymoch style:

  • Motivation of journalists
  • Interests and goals of broadcasters, the media and their editorial departments
  • Rules of the media business and press law
  • Special aspects of the different types of media (TV, radio, print, online) and different programmes
  • Be familiar with dates and deadlines, handle confrontations professionally
  • Determine own subjects, be proactive
  • Establish and maintain contacts with press