Positive media presence

Positive media presence is worth its weight in gold – for companies and individuals alike. Inadequate or negative media presence can be annoying and competitively detrimental. Natural media talents are few and far between and coincidences do not exist in this business. Good interview partners have usually acquired and trained these skills – from top executives to politicians.

Media presence is the result of increased public awareness and good communications skills. This is something we can work on. The focus is on you and your individuality, on authenticity and clarity. Stereotypes are not what we want. Together, we consolidate your strengths and conceal your weaknesses. Never losing sight of our objective: to communicate your personality and deliver your message to maximum effect. I help you achieve this – with commitment, enthusiasm and experience.

The programme:

  • Together, we develop your authentic personality profile.
  • We define what should be communicated when – and how.
  • We formulate key statements that are always the focus of our interest.
  • We learn to communicate assertively with journalists, moderators, other discussion participants and audiences.


  • Based on a performance analysis, joint assessment of the status quo, targeted training with video documentation of progress
  • Brief overview of theoretical principles of media communication
  • Impact of language, voice, appearance and body language
  • Clear messages, calmness and stress management
  • Question and answer techniques in interviews
  • Tips and exercise instructions to enable you to practice on your own

Because: those who stay cool and deliver the right answers are the ones who win!