Professionalism in the spotlight

Why do spotlights automatically trigger stage fright? And why does stage fright instantly turn us into another person? Usually so confident and composed, we suddenly become another totally unfamiliar self. Thank goodness nobody can hear our knees knocking. But a higher voice and outbreaks of sweat cannot be ignored. Stage fright is something many people suffer from, even artists who are in the limelight on a daily basis. The big question is how to deal with it, or how to turn it into something positive. The "Conny Czymoch fright reduction programme" gives you the confidence you need. We simulate stage situations in the communication world – and film you in the process.

This is the agenda:

  • Studio interviews, live transmissions, live appearances, chat shows
  • Discover ways to take charge of discussions
  • Turn stress and fear into self-confidence and superiority
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation
  • Be authentic, stay authentic