Statements well-prepared

„Can we have a short statement please?“
When a journalist says this, right in our face, perhaps on live TV where we, as the Americans say, have been “door stepped”, most of us would break out in a cold sweat.
What should I say?
How do I get it across?
Am I going to sound dull?
How can I sum up complex issues briefly and succinctly?
Or is the subject so contentious that I might damage my reputation and that of my company?
Being in the public eye can initially make one feel very anxious. Who isn't familiar with this situation?

The answer is “Yes”. Preparation and knowing what one wants to say is rule number one.
Rule number two is "Keep it short and sweet".
To a degree, delivering sharp, punchy responses is a skill that can be learned.
Just as a boxer learns how to deliver sharp, punchy blows.
In my coaching concept, we look at the subject as a whole.
Language itself (hurrah for language!), body language, intonation and the way the brain works are starting points.
We develop media-effective statements – from 20-second announcements to provocative, in-depth interviews.

In future, you will

  • enjoy being the focus of attention,
  • use stage fright constructively,
  • develop mental images and memory techniques,
  • win over audiences through your authenticity,
  • master the art of language, including use of speed and pauses, precision and imagery,
  • always hit the right tone,
  • master body language and facial expressions.

Let the camera roll!