Phoenix – TV and web productions

As news anchor for "Phoenix – der Tag" and other programmes before this, I was one of the faces of Phoenix, ARD and ZDF's current affairs and documentary channel, for 14 years.
Daily broadcasts with live transmissions with correspondents throughout the world, on-air interviews with studio guests, and a constantly changing programme schedule when the channel was initially launched – all this helped me hone not only my skills as a news journalist but also my ability to react in critical situations. Before this, I spent two years working on a bilingual political programme in German and English with Deutsche Welle TV – and prior to that I worked for many years with Deutschlandfunk, Deutsche Welle, WDR and Radio Television Hong Kong.
Web TV for commercial clients offers me a creative playground to pursue this kind of work on a short-term basis. And I have rediscovered an old passion of mine: for small but first-rate organisations I produce portraits and documentaries.