As a one-woman show – journalist, producer, moderator and coach – my name and my personality stand for values that are close to my heart.

In my dealings with clients and colleagues, this involves a high level of respect towards my partners on the stage and in the studio.

But I am not alone: in all the areas I work in, I am aware that I am the publicly perceivable part of the usually invisible contributions of a larger team of experts who come together for the respective events. Being able to work as part of a team is key to a good result.

Stowed away at the bottom of my service package are journalistic curiosity and a passion for everything new. The middle compartment contains a comprehensive knowledge and the skills to communicate subjects and content in the best possible way. Packed into the side pocket: many years of experience with countless live situations on television and on stage, enabling me to make unexpected incidents and minor disasters appear to be part of the presentation.

And however seriously I approach the issues at hand, I never neglect to introduce an element of fun into my work. Only when I experience pleasure and enthusiasm myself am I able to convince, inspire and motivate others.

You cannot not communicate – but each of us can continue to improve public communication. Every day, just a little more.